Thursday, September 13, 2012

Two big Freebies for almost Friday!!

Hi blog friends! Today was a fabulous day! After two in-service days on Monday and Tuesday, being bogged down by curriculum changes, teacher stress and just pure exhaustion, today was exactly what I needed. My kiddos have been great all year, but today was just fantastic all around. On my high from a great day and because tomorrow is Friday :) I thought I would share a bunch of freebie of activities we have done this week. Get ready for a hod-podge of stuff, but take what you want and hopefully some or all will be useful for you :)

First up, an Awesome Alliteration Activity. My kids L-O-V-E-D alliterations today and spent the whole rest of the day finding examples in our classroom, other books and around the school. I had the kids pick an animal and the letter that it started with was their alliteration "sound" or letter. We used this brainstorming sheet to record words with the same letter sound before the kiddos wrote a funny paragraph/story with them. The sheet really helped them plan and was a great review of parts of speech (nouns, adjectives, verbs). Here is a {freebie} of the activity if your interested. The first sheet is the brainstorming sheet and the second one is the publishing page. The kids wrote their alliteration letter in the small circle and did a small illustration at the bottom of the page under their alliteration paragraph:


Next freebie is a math activity that I came up with to practice sampling and graphing with my class. I wanted them to see how sampling could be used in real life situations, so I put a circus scenario together that required them to solve a problem by making conclusions about a sample and population. You can grab it here if you want it. The only thing I don't have included in this freebie is the graphing paper, because I used a blank graphing sheet from our math curriculum and didn't want to post it for copyright issues. Here is a little peak at the activity and click {HERE} for a free download :)


One last questions for you. So last year I taught first grade and still have a TON of resources and freebies that I created for that grade that I would like to share this year now that I have a blog. I am currently teaching third grade, so I am also posting ideas from this year and resources for third grade. I would really like to keep ONE blog, but how should I present these freebies since my posts will be a mix of first and third grade resources? Anyone else in the same boat? Is there a way to categorize them on my blog? Lemme know! Have a fantastic Friday and weekend all!


  1. As a first grade teacher I would LOOVVEE to see your freebies...your work is amaaazzzzing!

    I'm a new blogger and am not sure how to categorize on a blog, but I do see tabs and things of that sort. Maybe check out (she also blogs as "The Teacher Wife.") It's a helpful blog and she may be willing to put a post together that answers your great question!!

    If you'd like to check me out, I'd really appreciate it a ton! I'm currently having a Thirty One giveaway.

    You can find me at Growing Firsties...

  2. Great Freebies!! How I categorize, is I attach a label to it. So you could label it as First Grade Freebie or even First Grade. Then on your sidebar all of your labels will be put into that specific category. So if someone is visiting your blog they can click on that label and find all your really great first grade stuff.. Does that make sense?? If not I can try and make it clearer for you.
    The Hive

  3. Your freebies are always amazing! I'd love to see your 1st grade freebies too...I agree with the previous ladies..a tab or even just tagging and labeling your resources would be great. :)

  4. You are sooo talented! I want you to move to Kansas City so you can be my new BFF! I want to soak in all your excitement and creativity:)!! I don't have a blog, just a stalker:) but I think defintely post it all. Next year could you move to 2nd grade - that would be really helpful for me:)!!!

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