Saturday, September 22, 2012

Free Clip Art Snatch-Up: Halloween Costume Party!

Whew, my. goodness. I have been neglecting my blog this week! I have so many things I want to write and share, I just can't find the time to get them into a post! It's after 2am right now and I am heading off to bed, but I wanted to post a clip art snatch-up for my newest bundle of clip art: Halloween Costume Party- for all you blog hoppers who eat breakfast in front of their computers, you will be the first to see this :)

This set includes the color AND the black and white images for just $3.00 at my little TpT shop. The first three people to post a comment on here, follow my blog and TpT store will get this festive set for FREE! If you aren't a breakfast blog hopper and miss the giveaway, you can grab the set {HERE} at my TpT store :)

I have also passed 700 followers on TpT so I am gearing up for my big celebration giveaway for that! Thanks for following! I'm actually at 732 followers now, but it's been such a crazy week I haven't put together all the giveaways I have planned. I'm talking lots of freebies folks!! It will be 7 days of freebies- FOR EVERYONE! Plus 7 big winners at the end of the week. Stay tuned and I'll try to get my act together for setting it up soon!

Hope everyone enjoyed their *first* official days of fall! Bring on the apple cider, sweatshirt weather and pumpkin flavered food in every shape and form :)


  1. So cute. I love it.
    Learning with Mrs. Parker

  2. Cute. I follow you and your store.

  3. oh drats I missed out! They look fab though :)
    Liz - BaysideTeacher

  4. Can't believe I missed this...dang! Super cute as always!! Love your work! :)


  5. This can be a perfect template or design for my kid's upcoming Halloween party! It's our first time hosting a party at our house so it'll be fun checking these kinds of stuff to start with. I'm glad I was able to find this. It's available for a very affordable price! Thanks a lot! :)
    Harla Gunth

  6. Hi Krista,
    I just picked up this set and I love it! I was so impressed with how clean and crisp the graphics were ~ especially the black and white ones! I can't wait to see what you draw next:) I am your newest follower! Pop over and visit me if you get a chance.
    Natalies Nook

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  8. I love these graphics! They were perfect for my latest file! Thanks bunches, Krista!


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