Thursday, July 25, 2013

How can YOU snatch up my FREE Flower Tot Clipart!?

Every girl loves flowers, and teachers love smiley faces, so mix those two together and you get: Voila!
So, I have never set up a deal like this- but I am going to give it a shot! Want to know how you can get these Flower Tots and Happy Flowers for FREE? It's as easy as 1-2-3...


1. On Friday, July 26th, purchase $12.00 of clipart in my TpT store.

2. Email me at with the subject FREE FLOWER TOTS. In your email, please include your user name on TpT (the one that would show up on my transaction sheet- I think it is usually your user name) and list the clipart sets you purchased on 7/26.

3. You will have your FREE FLOWER TOTS and Happy Flower Faces emailed to you by Sunday night, July 28th. 

That's it! This offer will only be for Friday's purchases, so I apologize if you have purchased clipart earlier this week. This offer is not applicable on past purchases. Thank you for understanding!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

More freebies? Heck yeah :) and a Giveaway!

Ever wake up and just feel blessed? I hope so! We all have different blessings in our lives but sometimes it is easier to see them on certain days. I think it is also easier to see blessings during the summer when you wake up and don't have to go to work....just kidding, I feel blessed other days too :)

Anyway! Part of my blessings in my life are my followers and fans and I truly hope you all know how much all your sweet comments, thank you's and support mean to me. Today I reached over 4800 followers on facebook and noticed that my blog followers is still growing too! (And that means a lot that you guys read this blog because I feel like I am slacking in the blog department lately due to this crazy thing called life :) 

So, this post is all about you guys and making you feel appreciated :) I posted a couple freebies in my store yesterday in case you missed them....

First up is a second set of puzzle piece templates. I included the black and white versions and the transparent versions too. If you haven't snatch up my first freebie set of puzzle pieces, you should grab that one too! Just click on the pictures below to grab 'um.
My other new freebie is a set of Rainbow Doodle Frames because you never can have too many doodle frames and FREE doodle frames are the best kind :) 
I also wanted to make sure you knew about a giveaway I am a part of over at a cute little blog called Collaboration Cuties. There is a HUGE clipart giveaway going down over there to celebrate 1000 followers on their blog. You can win my Space Clipart set as well as a TON of other clipart goodies.

I'm off to work on a few more clipart sets as well as another freebie for you that will hopefully be up later tonight! Thanks again for being some of my blessings :) 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Free School Bus Clipart and KIDS Bundle MEGA Sale!

Hi everyone! I hope you are reading this from your phone or ipad as you soak up the sun and enjoy summer. I apologize for the blatant reminder of school starting soon with my new clipart sets haha I thought a little freebie would soften the blow though....

These little buses coordinate with my School Supplies Clipart, but that set only has the bus from the front. Either way, feel free to use these little buses for personal or commercial use :) 
NEXT.....MY KID BUNDLES ARE DONE.....well three sets of them at least :) Can you see the sweat, blood and tears that went into these images? Haha just kidding, more like a lot of pajama pants, coffee and lean cuisines went into these sets.

KIDS BIG BUNDLE! Includes all the images you see below plus B&W versions
**This set also includes a cute little pair of transparent glasses that fits on any image from this set**

KIDS ARE READERS BUNDLE! Includes all these images, plus B&W versions :)

and last but not least! 
KIDS ARE WRITERS BUNDLE! Includes all the images below plus B&W versions!

I told myself that I wouldn't have any more sales until the Back to School sale, but the more I thought about it, it made sense to have these sets 20% off ahead of time so you could use them in your back to school resources. I already feel like summer is slipping away, so waiting until August to put these babies on sale seemed a little late to get a lot done with them. Sooo, these three sets ONLY will be 20% off through the end of tomorrow (7/18).

These sets, by far, have been my biggest clipart undertaking to date! I hope you enjoy them! I thought I was done with KIDS bundles for a while, but you guys keep me going and I have three more kinds of KIDS on my to-do list now! Thank the lord for summer vacation :) 

Okay, go back to the pool....or laying in the grass on a towel like I do since I don't have a pool. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

ONE DAY SALE! Happy Christmas in July!

Alright, sorry for the major neglect that this blog has been under! This summer has been a whirlwind of traveling and work and clipart, oh my! I have so much to post about, I am DETERMINED to eventually do it.....but not today haha

I am squeezing in this little post to let you know that I am having a ONE DAY ONLY Christmas in July Sale! Everything in my store is 15% off. I had decided to hold off on any sales until the Back to School Sale on TpT, but then I figured you might want to buy some clipart ahead of time so you have time to create some products BEFORE the sale. Make sense?

Anyway, it also gave me an excuse to make this little sales logo :) 

I have been clipart creating like CRAZY! I have had a billion ideas/requests for sets floating around in my head that I have really been trying to put my summer days to good use and get a lot of them done. I have posted too many new ones to add a string of them to this post, but if you go to my store and go to "Most Recent" you will see the newest sets to my store that you may not have seen :) 
Here are a few of my favorites though :) Click on the preview pictures to see them in my store!

Alright! I'm off to pack for Chicago. That means a 2 hour plane ride to create more clipart! (Is it sad that I think of it that way? :)