Tuesday, June 18, 2013

FREE Lemonade Stand Clipart!!!!

Okay folks! With the help of some EXCELLENT blogging friends who have a much higher level of tech knowledge than I, my fan freebie on my facebook page is officially working! I posted about this Lemonade Set before.....but if you missed it......
All you have to do is "like" my facebook page for The Creative Chalkboard and you will get access to this ENTIRE SET (26 images- color and black and white). If you haven't "liked" my page, it won't show up when you go there- but there will be a button under "Fan Freebies" that tells you to like the page first to get the download. I'm sure you all have a lot more experience with these things than I do and don't need as much explanation as I am trying to give :) This is a limited fan freebie and will only be available until July 1st. After that it will be posted to my TpT store for sale!

Monday, June 17, 2013

FREE Rainbow Apples and New Clipart Sets Galore!!

Oh my! Sweet summer means a lot of clipart creating! I can hardly keep up with all your great requests and ideas! My first fun little set is Disguise Glasses!
If you want to see this clipart in action, I made a few mock-ups with some family pictures :)

Now that's a good lookin' family right there! :)

The next sets are some more apple sets: Spotted Apples and Pattern Apples! These go along great with my other two apple sets: Colorful Apples and Polka Dot Apples.

Here are my previously posted apple sets!

AND! Stay with me folks. I have some free Rainbow Apples for you too! I had a request for these and didn't quite know what set to put them in- so it resulted in a freebie for everyone :)

Are those not the happiest little apples ever? :) 
Right click on the apples below and feel free to save the images to you computer and use them for personal or commercial use :)

Continuing on....my last newbie set is a Crayon Color Doodle set that is perfect for back to school labels, classroom anchor charts, color activities and more! Check 'um out! If you layer those crayon doodle designs on a chalk background, they really pop!

I couldn't resist making up an example of how you could use this set.....so here is something I whipped up to show you the doodles on a black background....

Cute huh!? If I have some free time (ha..ha..everyone has a lot of that right?) I will make the other colors for these color signs. Leave a comment if you would want them and could use the color signs so I know if I should :)

Alright, I'm off to get busy with my to-do list. I leave for Germany on THURSDAY and I have a billion things to do!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

New Firefly Clipart and Fuzzy Frames! On Sale!

I have extended my flash sale for ONE MORE DAY because I just posted a couple new sets and I wanted to give you a chance to snatch them up at the sale prices :)

First up is my new Firefly Dance set that was a request and just too cute for me to pass up making! If you layer these images on a black background (and I know that chalkboard backgrounds are all the craze now) they really pop! This set is normally $3.00, but is only $2.70 for the rest of today!
My other new set is a mini set of Fuzzy Frames. I think this would be PERFECT for a monster-themed classroom because it reminds me of the fur of a little monster....You can't see the hairs very well in the preview of all of them together, so I enlarged one of them on the second preview so you can see it! This set is normally just $1.50, but on sale for $1.35 just because I love my clipart-addicted friends :)

Are you ready for my big teaser? I have decided to dedicate some serious time this summer to revamping my blog design and The Creative Chalkboard's facebook page. If you are not a follower on my facebook page....you might want to hop on over and "like" my page because in the new couples days (which translates to: after I watch a couple tutorials and set up my Fan Freebies :) I am posting this  ENTIRE set for free to my Facebook Fans ONLY. This set will be a limited edition freebie for my Facebook Fans ONLY. {Click HERE to become a fan and like my page!}

I will have it available for about a week for free before I post it in my store for $4.50. I will continue to have fan freebies that are only available on my page that do not appear in my store, too. Don't miss out....I've never given away an ENTIRE set before....I must really be floating on a summer high! Are you ready to see what you are gonna get for free....?

In my VERY biased opinion, I think it's pretty darn cute. Plus, all things look even cuter when they are free ;) Still not a fan of my facebook page.....shame on you! Just kidding :) Click {HERE} so you are a fan when I get this BIG freebie uploaded :) 

I'm off to work on my to-do list that is a mile long....my car is in the shop which means I have no excuse/distraction keeping me from getting to work on things. Boo. 

Happy Saturday friends!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Hurry!! Summer Flash Sale!

Just a quick little post to let you know what I am throwing a 10% off sale in my TpT store today and tomorrow. I have added quite a few new sets since my last sale and I know people might want to stock up on clipart to use for creating products over the summer- so hurry if you are one of them! This might be my last sale until the "back to school" sale in August!

Happy summer shopping!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Blasting into Summer with New Clipart and some Freebies!

Do you know that feeling when you have been running or walking on a treadmill and then you get off and you stumble because everything feels like it should be moving faster? Well, that's exactly how I feel today because it is THE FIRST DAY OF SUMMER VACATION!!! Luckily when I "stumbled," my couch was nearby and caught me :) I'm excited for summer, but the first day is always confusing until I get into a new routine. Currently, that new summer routine is me sitting on the couch, drinking iced coffee, wearing pink leopard pajama pants and blogging to you ;) I figure I'm giving myself one day of bummin' it before I feel guilty about being such a summer slug. Tomorrow I will be productive.....ha.

Enough about the indent I am putting into my couch cushions today, I have new clipart freebies and sets to share! One of the most exciting parts about summer starting is that I can spend more time on my clipart and updating a few of my clipart sets that are in my store. If you have purchased my Put on a Happy Face set or my Character Doodles Set, they are going to be getting additional images added to them in the next day or two, so make sure you check for the revised download. You will still have all the original images, but there will be new faces and doodles that you can get for free if you have already purchased the set :)

I have finished up a few other sets since I last posted and one is this cute little baby....Space and Aliens!  I had so much fun with this set!
The Space and Aliens set comes with three space-themed backgrounds, one of which you see in the preview image.

Another "sort of new" item in my store is....drum roll....my BIG BORDER MEGA BUNDLE! I haven't ever bundled products before, but I decided that after seeing how many people often purchase more than one border set, or come back and need a different shape doodle border, I thought it might be more helpful to have a jumbo set of all my doodle borders with a variety of shapes. If you are just started out on TpT or thinking about it- this set is a perfect way to start off with a base of borders for your products. Doodle borders are HUGE on TpT and the addiction only grows- as I'm sure many of you can attest to :) This set has over 200 doodle borders/elements from rectangles, to headers, squares, circles, page dividers, you name it. It is $20.00- which I realize is an investment and not a small purchase. But the price of all these sets sold individually is almost $30.00, so you are getting almost 30% off if you think you would eventually use all the border types. If you have bought some of my borders already- DON'T BUY THIS. You will be getting some repeat sets if you do.

One of the sets in that bundle is my newest Doodle Set which is Page Dividers. I had someone request this because I had a few of these in my Border MEGA Pack 1. These are doodle strips that you can insert into your products and are great when you don't need a full border, or maybe just don't have room on the page for something around the entire edge. This set is only $2.50 and has 20 doodle page dividers in png format. Again, this is included IN THE BORDER BUNDLE SET, but also sold separately. Don't buy both! :)

Now onto my latest freebie: Dice Clipart! It's a pretty basic freebie, but I had a quick request for someone clipart images of the faces on dice, so I whipped this little set up. Grab 'um if you need 'um!

Tomorrow I will fill you in on the end of the school year and what you can expect to see from my blog and Creative Clips over the summer! There are going to be a lot of freebies, giveaways and flash freebies- so stay close by your computer at all times! Just kidding :) Tomorrow I will also share an AWESOME website that I discovered from a friend that help create this cool image below. All those words are supposed to describe Creative Clips Clipart!

Have a great day!

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Free Pencil Clipart....again...I'm not kidding...

If you have been following my blog or TpT store for a while, you are no stranger to my free pencil clipart. It's become a bit of an obsession where I feel that I need to exhaust every possible patterned/colored pencil there is. This time, I blame it on the fact that pencils have been on my brain ALL WEEK. My goodness, does anyone else have a pencil snatcher in their classroom!? With 6 days of school left, I continue to "lose" pencils in my classroom by the box. Yesterday I put out 24 new pencils in the cup and by lunch we were back at empty. I'm beginning to think the kids are eating them?! I'm battling with myself every time I put out more pencils because I want to save those nice crisp new pencils for next year :)

I came across this cute little pencil challenge (and it's free!) on TpT that I might try next week. I might go and get them all special pencils for the last week and then if they have it by the last day, they get a prize. Goodness knows that buying a small prize for each one of them would be cheaper than my pencil expenses these days! Do you all have any brilliant ideas for pencil conservation? :)

HOWEVER! The good news is is that I have some pencils for you that will never get lost, you can use them forever and as much as you need to, and they will always be sharp.....okay it is just clipart pencils, but I thought I would try to put a creative spin on it. I'm running out of new ways to post about these pencil freebies! ha :)

Here are a couple pencil freebies to stock pile your clipart collection for the end of the year....

I think the paint chip pencils would be the cutest labels for classroom supplies if you layered a white rectangle in the middle and left an edge around it like this....

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!