Monday, December 30, 2013

Valentine's Day Clipart!

I have been working on a few Valentine's Day sets of clipart and realized how much I need to organize my TpT store! I really need to add categories to my sidebar now that the amount of sets in my store has grown! I promise to get on that- my first (of many) New Year's Resolutions!

In the meantime, I thought it might be helpful to do some posts about all the sets I have for different holidays- starting with Valentine's Day. So check out the sets below if you are looking for some "lovely" clipart for your February teaching creations :)

Here are my newest sets!

These sets are only $1.00 each!

Here are some oldies but some goodies :) 

Here's some FREE Valentine Hearts & Pencils!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

January Club Week #1 Released and a new Groundhog Set!

Hope everyone is still relaxing and enjoying winter break! I have been traveling a lot between my relatives house's and it's given me a lot of time to work on clipart.

I have posted the first set of my Creative Clips January Club! I hope you all love it! Due to popular demand, I posted this set early so that anyone who purchased that membership would have it to work on over break :) If you are a member of the January Club, make sure you go and download the revised copy under your "Purchases" and you will see that a new set has been added.

If you haven't purchased my January Club Membership, click {HERE} and zip on over to my store! Don't miss out on all the fun sets that will be popping up throughout the month!

I also finally finished my new Groundhog set! I have wanted to make this set for over a year and it always gets lost in the mix so I'm excited that it's done now! Here it is!

Click {HERE} to check out my Groundhog Set!

I am working on such a cute 'n fun set right now- I can't wait to finish it up and show you! It will be perfect for spring!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Limited Edition Set #2 Released! Seller MEGA Bundle!

I am excited to release me second Limited Edition Set! 
This is a HUGE DEAL and includes over 160 images! This set will only be available for 2 weeks before it is retired for 6 months, so act fast....okay here is whatcha get!

This HUGE Seller Mega Bundle includes 12 different sets that are worth $36.00 if I priced them individually. At this time, these sets are not sold in my store individually and are only available in this bundle.

This bundle is perfect to jumpstart your TpT store or to grab a fresh batch of elements, borders, digital papers and frames for your projects! These sets all coordinate together and also match the other clipart sets offered in my store.

This set will be priced at $10.00 for the first week it is for sale (until 1/01/14). The second week, it will go up to $12.00 (until 1/08/14). So make sure you snatch it up this week and get it for less than a dollar per set!

Here's a closer look at over the 160+ elements you can get for just $10.00!

Click {HERE} to check it out in my TpT store! While you're at it, make sure you have downloaded all my Unwrap Your Freebies because I will be taking down #6-8 and posting them for sale after today! Snatch them while they are free!

Happy Holidays to everyone! Hope you are relaxing!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Do you want a SURPRISE set of clipart EVERY week?

Are you going to be disappointed when my Unwrap your Freebie series ends on Christmas day and you won't have that surprise clipart set to look forward to?

PROBLEM SOLVED! There is a way you can have that excitement each week, EVERY MONTH OF THE YEAR!

I am excited to announce and offer my monthly memberships of exclusive graphics! If you enjoyed my Unwrap Your Freebie series, you will love this opportunity to get a set of graphics each week for a month! Each week (around Tuesday or Wednesday), I will add a new graphics set to this download.

Click on the pictures below to zip on over to the listing in my TpT store!

Here’s the run down on how these sets will work:

* They follow the same terms of use as my other clipart sets, so you are free to use them for personal or commercial use. Please give credit with a link to my store in your credits page and/or my Creative Clips logo.

* Each set will include both color and black and white of all images.

* Only members of each monthly club will have immediate access to these clipart sets. I will be posting these sets to my store three months after the month they were featured in. Therefore, you get a three-month jump on creating original resources before they are offered to anyone else. Each set will be priced between $3.00-$4.50 in my store- so your monthly membership gets you a BIG DISCOUNT!

* Each month will include a variety of sets including seasonal images, borders, year-round graphics and elements.

If you enjoy this monthly membership, please check out my other monthly memberships so you can have a weekly surprise to look forward to for the entire year! Currently I have January, February and March posted in case you want to get a jump on the action!

**If you are joining a month that has not yet begun, when you download, you will only see the Membership Welcome letter. When that month begins, re-download the file each week and you will see a new surprise set added!

BUT WAIT- there's more! Each monthly membership is $10.00, but I have the first three months posted and on sale for just $8.00 each. They will be on sale through Tuesday night. If you want to grab one and try it out for a month, great! If you want to grab all three while they are on sale  because you want three months of surprises ahead of you in the new year, go for it :) I'm very excited for these sets and surprising you all each week :)
Off to finish the lessons plans that will keep my kiddos busy for that crazy week before Christmas break :) 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Unwrap your Freebie #3 and NEW Christmas Set!

Hi everyone! I hope you have been checking my TpT store for the Unwrap your Freebie series because I haven't been as quick about posting on here when I get them up. Unwrap your Freebie #3 is now posted in my store and I have to say- I think it is the best one yet! I hope you enjoy it!

Click the link to go to the surprise freebie and please leave feedback! The feedback has been so fun for me to read and I think some of the clues people are coming up with for the "mystery gift" are so creative!

Also, I wanted to let you know I JUST POSTED A NEW SET THAT I LOVE! It is called Merry Christmas Eve and it is all about Santa's busy night delivering presents! I have been dying to get a santa and reindeer set posted, but a little thing called "teaching full-time" is really keeping me busy ;) haha

Alrighty folks, you know it's Sunday and that's a teacher's busiest day of the week, it seems. I'm off to figure out materials for my 20 kiddos to make salt dough maps of China haha Is it Thanksgiving break yet? :)

Stay tuned on Wednesday for the newest Unwrap your Freebie and check back for more Christmas and holiday sets that I have in the works!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Unwrap Your Freebie #2!!!

Hi friends! Oh my gosh, I have to admit, I think I am having the most fun out of everyone with my Unwrap Your Freebie series! I get so excited to read your reactions and clues!! Thank you, thank you for leaving feedback! My first Unwrap your freebie has over 370 feedbacks! That means a lot that people commented on a freebie of mine! I am doing report cards, grading, etc. I MAY have jumped the gun on posting my next freebie....

I figured it was ALMOST Wednesday (the day that I will post a new one each week) and I was anxious to share it (and by the way I have the next two done and I am DYING to share them- I hate waiting to give gifts, I get antsy!). So, as I finish up my work, I am excitedly checking your feedback and clues! Thanks for making my night of paperwork more interesting! Again, thank you so much for leaving feedback!

Please feel free to share about my Unwrap Your Freebie! Series on your blog or facebook page! I would love to surprise more people and get them excited during a busy, sometimes stressful season :)

Alright, now I have to figure out how I'm going to wait a WHOLE WEEK to post my next one. 

I hope you like this one as much as the first one! Enjoy!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Unwrap your FREEBIE!

Whoa. This poor little blog has been neglected for a WHILE. In my defense, I have been working extra hard on clipart and teaching my little second graders this year. However, it's been pretty much 2 months since my last post. Sooo if you don't remember me, I won't take it personally :)

Welp- I'm back with a lot of news to share and I want to start off with a fun freebie series that I am starting for the holidays. First of all, everyday I am more and more blown away by the sweet feedback and support that people give me and my clipart. Your kind comments about my art can turn my day around in the same way that a Dairy Queen cookie dough blizzard can....and that is saying a lot :)

So, I thought it would be fun to kick off the holiday season with a little thank you. I know that the holidays get crazy for all of us and sometimes a little freebie (or a series of freebies) can help lessen the blow of holiday stress, christmas expenses and the large amount of money you might be spending on Starbuck's seasonal drink choices ;) or maybe that is just me.

I give you my "Unwrap your Freebie" holiday freebie series...

Kids aren't the only ones that get excited as they unwrap a present and wait to find out what's inside. Although I still kind of consider myself a kid (even though I turned 26 last week....whoa), I figure other people probably feel the same way.

Some of the freebies will be holiday-related, others will be clipart that you can use year round. Who knows, I might even bust out an entire FREE clipart set just to keep you guys guessing :)

Bottom line, I hope you all know how much your support with my clipart means to me and I hope I can give you a few smiles back in return as you "unwrap" your presents this season. No joke, I'm super excited to see what you all think of the freebies than I can express. Giving presents is fun too!

Cheers to kickin' off the holiday season with something that won't cost you a dime! :) 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Free Smile Sketchies Clipart set with $12.00 purchase- today, Friday and Saturday!!!

Hi friends!!! I am excited to announce my second FREE gift with purchase set! I just finished these little cuties:

You can snatch these little smileys up for FREE if you make a $12.00 purchase from my store today, September 12th - Saturday September 14th. 

Here is how the offer works:

1. For the rest of today, Friday, or Saturday, purchase $12.00 of clipart in my TpT store. 

2. Email me at with the subject FREE SMILE SKETCHIES. In your email, please include your user name on TpT (the one that would show up on my transaction sheet- I think it is usually your user name) and list the clipart sets you purchased totaling $12.00 or more. 

3. You will have your FREE SMILE SKETCHIES emailed to you by Sunday night, September 15th.

That's it! So if there is stuff you have wishlisted, might as well get a freebie out of your purchase! As always, thanks for being the best supporters a doodler could ask for :) Hope your week ends well and your weekend is even better :)

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Limited Edition UPDATED with 28 more images!

Hi everyone! Quick post- I just added 28 additional images to my Limited Edition BRIGHT Kids, Scribbles and Elements set. That brings the total to 136 images for $5.00!

Because I just added the additional images, the set will be available until the end of Tuesday 9/10. After that, it will be retired until next summer. Don't miss it!

If you have already purchased and downloaded this set, please download the revised copy and there will be an additional folder of "add-on images" in the download. Thanks for all your support during my first Limited Edition endeavor!

Check out the whole set and the 9-page pdf preview of all 136 images {HERE}! Hurry before it goes away!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Peek at Our First Week

I'm going to make it through at least one week of frequent blog posts before the year carries me away! Here is a quick peek out our first week in Rm 124!

First of all, my kiddos were great! That being said, I am still exhausted at the end of ever day and repeated my directions more times than I can count. Oi vey! Can it be October already?! However, for it being the first four days of school, these kids were troopers!

We did a lot of "back to school" activities and not surprisingly, I over-planned- hoping to fit in all the fun back to school lessons, games, and books that I found. I still think we got through quite a bit though!

In no specific order, here's a few Peeks at Last Week :)

We read some of my favorite back to school books including First Day Jitters and My Mouth is a Volcano. No first day would be complete without making Jitter Juice from Abby Mullins Super in Second  pack!

We didn't waste any time getting started on writing! The kiddos worked hard on some hot air balloon writing craftivities (which I will post pictures of when we finish them up next week!) that focused on goal setting in second grade. We also did a quick writing piece on Thursday called "Full of Smiles after my First Week." We talked about synonyms for "great" and the kiddos came up with a TON to describe their first week. Okay, it's confession time. I had planned on doing a balloon launch at the end of the week to tie into our hot air balloon writing, but environmental concerns got in my way! So, I had already set my heart on having 19 balloons in my classroom on Friday, so I had to get creative quick. Hence, the quick writing piece at the end of the week to justify me getting the kids THESE:

It actually worked out great because the kids did MORE writing than I planned. Here's two of them!

If you want the writing paper that I used, you can grab it {HERE}

This is the first year that I am planning on doing Bucket Fillers with my kiddos. We read the book and did a BUNCH of activities from Ashley Reed's Bucker Filler Brigade Pack. 

We did this little group sort from Ashley's pack to compare the actions of Bucket Fillers and Bucket Dippers. There were so many great activities in this pack that really helped my kiddos get an understanding of bucket fillers. I think it is also going to help them explain how they are feeling. I already had some kiddos talking about what "empties their bucket" and how their bucket was "overflowing" after their first week in second grade! How cute are they!?

We were up to all sorts of other things from gummi bear math to review some first grade concepts, to exploring math tools with Amy Lemons "Let's Get Started" Beginning of the Year Math Activities.  I need to be better about taking pictures of what we do! I'm out of practice!

If you have started school, I hope your first week was great! Thank goodness for a four-day weekend to help me recover. I even had some time to work on clipart- I didn't realize how much I had missed being able to doodle since the crazy start of school!

Don't forget to snatch up my Limited Edition Clipart Set: Bright KIDS, Scribbles and Elements- available for 1 week only!

Saturday, August 31, 2013


I am SO excited to announce the release of my very first LIMITED EDITION CLIPART SET! It is called Bright KIDS, Scribbles and Elements!

This set is HUGE! It includes 108 images that include images of kids (in color and b&w), design elements, scribble frames, colorful buntings, scribble dividers/borders and more! These vibrant images really "pop" on black, chalkboard backgrounds, but also look great on white backgrounds, too!

Here's the catch- this set will only be posted and available in my TpT store until 9/7/13, next Saturday. After that, it will be retired until next summer. The best part....this set of 108 images is only $5.00. When I re-release it next summer, this set will be priced at $10.00. So snatch it up now!

Check it out! Everything you see below for $5.00!
CLICK {HERE} to grab it before it goes in the vault for almost a year!