Sunday, May 26, 2013

{Free} Puzzle Piece Clipart and NEW Shape Set!

Happy Sunday!! I am lovin' me some Memorial Day weekend relaxing! Nothing better than waking up on a Sunday and not having that "going back to work tomorrow" feeling in your gut. No school on Monday folks! {signal angels to start singing and sun rays breaking through the clouds haha....just in case you forgot. If you are one of those lucky teachers who are DONE for the year....please don't let me know :)

The other great part of this week is that I am hooking you up with some {Free} clipart! I think this might be my best freebie yet and I thought about charging for it in my store, and then I said what the heck- I love my followers "to pieces" (haha) and some of them might need a little pick-me-up during their last few weeks of the year. So...snatch 'um up....FREE puzzle piece template clipart!
As you can tell from the preview, you can insert these black and white images as a completed puzzle and have the kids cut them apart as an activity, or you can insert the individual pieces. Just as I am sitting here....I am thinking it might be helpful for me to also include the transparent versions of these pieces so you can lay them over images....let me know if that would be helpful....I'll probably add those to the set because right now they all have white centers. Sorry I am thinking as I type...

My other reason to have a solo dance party around my apartment is because I FINALLY finished my Shapes Galore Clipart set!

I have been super jealous of all the cute product covers that people come up with, so I decided to make a cover to announce my new clipart set. Waste of time you ask....not at all :) My Shapes Galore clipart set is PACKED with 72 images. I've tried to include a TON of shapes you might be teaching your kiddos about, but I actually have two more to add (per request)- a nonagon and a decagon. I have included shapes up until 8-sides, plus a diamond, parallelogram, and trapezoid- but I will add those last two shapes to complete the set. If you purchase the set now, you can download the revised version with the additional images after I add them.

Here are some other previews of exactly what you get in this set:

 With the two additional shapes that I am adding, it will bring the image today up to 90 images! (Because I will give you each shape in a Shape Tot, shape with face, and plain shape- color and BW) That's my biggest set yet! Phew!

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Free Super Star Reader Bookmarks!

Wow! My kids are SO ready for summer. My poor third graders are crawling all over each other in a classroom that barely fit us back in September, but now all of us (yes ALL of us) are bigger and it can hardly contain everyone! God bless my students for being such great champs. I can see them fighting the summer wiggles in order to follow directions and stay focused. They are seriously standing up, around, beside their chairs, WHILE doing their work, without even realizing it. I asked one student why he was standing up during class today and he looked at me and said "I didn't know I was!" and sat down and kept working haha

I figure at this point in the year, every little "pick-me-up" helps to keep the kiddos going, so I whipped up some simple bookmarks with my Rainbow Tot clipart to have on their desks for tomorrow. It's nothing fancy, but I may or may not put a small pack of starbursts on their desks with I think that will make me pretty least for tomorrow :)

Here are these little {FREE} Super Star Reader bookmarks if you want a quick little treat for your kids. I made them in color and black and white. Just print on card stock (white or colored). Click {HERE} if you want 'um :)

Oh, and my "knock my socks off" discovery the other Headers Borders are PERFECT for bookmark borders! They are in just the right proportions, but I never thought of putting them vertically until now! I'm not sure this discovery will be as exciting to others, but it really made my day! haha


Sunday, May 19, 2013

New Graduation Clipart!

I don't know about you, but I am so ready for summer. We have exactly 16 more student days left in the year! BUT- those are some crazy, full, hectic, fun days left. My kiddos are still state testing and I am praying they can hold it together as they get the summer wiggles. Oh my goodness.....we will all make it though! As much as I am excited for summer, I'm going to miss my third graders. This is my second year teaching and I never thought I could love a class as much as my first graders last year, who were my first students ever and my babies for life. I have to say though, my class this year is giving them a run for their money!

With the school year coming to an end, I figured it was time to whip up some graduation clipart. I wasn't making clipart at this point last year, so I didn't have anything "graduation-ish" in my TpT store....until now! Here's my newest Graduation Tots Clipart....

Hope everyone is having a great end of the year with your kiddos! AND I hope you are all ready for the explosion of new clipart that will be hitting my TpT store once I am on summer vacation and can doodle till my little heart's content :) 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Brand New Clipart! Rainbow Tots!

I am super excited about my new little creations that I am pausing my lesson planning, taking my attention away from Grey's Anatomy so I can write a quick post about these little guys!

They are called.....Rainbow Tots! What is a tot you might ask? Well it is tiny, and smiley and shaped like a's a tot!

I am so wrapped up in these tots that I have already doodled some holiday tots and seasonal versions! Stay tuned for more of these little totties! Oh- and Happy Friday tomorrow! :)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New Clipart Sets! Just in time for the SALE!

Hi everyone! I hope you are enjoying your week and feeling very appreciated :) The TpT sale is in full swing and I am just about to hop over and check out with all the resources that I have loaded in my cart!

I have finished up three more sets of clipart, just in time for the sale! With these sets, you get 20% off in my store, PLUS the additional 10% off on top of that using the code TAD13. Check 'um out by clicking on the preview images below!

Regularly $3.00, but on sale for $2.40 plus get an extra 10% off after that for just $2.16!
 Regularly $3.00, but on sale for $2.40 plus get an extra 10% off after that for just $2.16!
This little set is regularly $1.00, but is on sale for 80 cents! As if that isn't enough of a steal, you get 10% off after that (with the TpT code) to bring it to 72 cents for these colorful stitched hearts!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Sale....Whoop Whoop!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all my teacher friends! From one teacher to another- you are all amazing! This is my second year teaching and I am constantly inspired by you and all your creations/blogs/comments! If there is one thing that a teacher appreciates, it is a good sale- so what better way to celebrate you all than a little {BIG} sale!

The big sale starts tomorrow (Tuesday) in my TpT store and will last through Wednesday. Sweet summer is so close- if you are anything like me, you have big plans for some TpT creating :) Snatch up all those clipart sets that you need for future products while you can get them 28% off in my store.

Also- if you have purchased any products on TpT and haven't left feedback...hurry hurry! I am going to go through all my past purchases tonight and leave feedback so I can stock up on my TpT credits. With the 28% off and applying my TpT credits, I am looking at some pretty sweet deals with the items on my wishlist :) Don't miss out on more savings with your TpT credits!

Welp, the work of a teacher doesn't stop even though we are appreciated :) I'm off to finish up some work and pop a lean cuisine in the microwave. Have a fantastic week- tomorrow is already Tuesday!

Oh! I will email the winners of my Patriotic Kids set tonight. If you want to snatch up this sale button to post for your own sale, feel free! You should be able to just click on the picture and save it :)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

O Say Can You See {Free Clipart}

So I have been working on some patriotic clipart sets and I'm serious, I have had fireworks and Star Spangled Banners stuck in my head from sea to shining sea.....or something like that :) I figured some patriotic clipart could be helpful if you are making any Memorial Day products or early summer products you might have in mind. Because did you know?-Today is May 1st and we are getting oh-so-close to sweet summertime :) After looking at my finished sets, though, I think they could work for a TON of holidays: President's Day, Flag Day, Election Day, Fourth of July, etc.

I know it has been a while- but the free pencils....are...back.... :)
I also have a Patriotic Kids Clipart Set that has me seeing stars! I love fireworks and this set makes me so excited for summer I can hardly take it!
I was going to try to be all creative and come up with a Clipart Snatch-Up USA Trivia Challenge (but all I came up with was a very long name and none too impressive at that haha) to give away three copies of my new Patriotic Kids Clipart Set. Sooo since my creativity is definitely not "bursting in air" and I need to get started on some work so I will not be up until "dawn's early light" I will just say the first three people to post a comment and leave your email on this blogpost will get a copy :) Please excuse the horribly corny jokes in this post.....Happy Wednesday!