Saturday, February 1, 2014

Freebies, May Club Sale, and New Clipart Sets! Oh My!

Goodness! I need to find time to blog more because when I was trying to think of the "focus" of this blogpost, I quickly realized that there are just about 145 things that I want to share with all of you from the past few weeks. I am going to offer you a *SUPER* summarized version- so all of you who thought you were in for a marathon post can breathe a sigh of relief :) You know how I can ramble sometimes.

First- FREEBIE! I just posted my Unwrap your Valentine Freebie with a little bit of love for my awesome followers in my TpT store. This isn't going to be a series like Christmas- not because I don't love you that much, but because I just don't have time to swing it right now. I included a variety of images in this one, so hopefully it will come in handy in the upcoming month :)

Click {HERE} to feel loved by Creative Clips :) 

Second- I have been working so hard on my Creative Clips Clubs and have posted MAY's CLUB today! It will be on sale for $8.00 (regularly priced $10.00) until Sunday night, so don't miss out!

Click {HERE} if you want to be showered with clipart all throughout MAY!

Yesterday marked the end of my very first Creative Clips Club (January)! I was sad to retire this little baby, but very excited to take the awesome feedback from all of you and my survey to go to town with future sets. All the stuff you loved will continue and I will be making a few changes based on what other things you would like to see! Since the January Club is officially over and not available in my store anymore, I am going to review the sets that members received. 

There was also a set of BONUS frames that I included for my very first members of these clubs. I plan on adding a bonus set to future months if I have a certain number of members join by the end of that month. I haven't QUITE decided on what that number will be, so it will be a surprise after you join!

Third- I have been creating like crazy! I made a list of all the sets that I want to make and there are almost 100 ideas on my list right now! Ahh when will I be able to finish all those! I'm slowly working down the list and here are some of the sets that I have been making :) Click the preview images to see the listings for them!

I have already posted the first set of my FEBRUARY Club with a St. Patrick's Day theme! Check it out if you are a member, it will be under the folder for Week 1!

Click {HERE} to check out February's Graphics Club!

Like I said- I've been busy! I have so much more in the works, I can't wait to show you what I have up my sleeve next!

Enjoy the weekend folks!