Thursday, February 14, 2013

"Lovely" Classroom Pictures and a Freebie :)

Happy Valentine's Day! I. am. exhausted. 22 third graders. 3 cupcakes landing face-down on the floor. 100's of candy hearts, brownies and cookies consumed (by the kiddos, not me.....okay a few by me). My goodness, Valentine's Day was a doozy- but great!

I haven't been good about posting pictures of my classroom decorations, but I thought I would squeeze in a few pictures of my vday decorations before I switch up the decor for Dr. Seuss next week. February and March require a lot of decoration changes! Valentines to Dr. Seuss, and then St. Patrick and spring!

Here is a peek at the pink and red that's been up in my room for a couple weeks :)

Mr. Monkey dressed all classy for Valentine's Day!

I added some "love monkeys" to my reading jungle.

Curtains made by Momma Wallden :)

Just a few red and pink decorations to jazz up my "Imagine" sign :)

Tomorrow after school, I'm making the switch to Dr. Seuss decorations, so more pictures to come :).

On another note....I couldn't find the comment, but someone had commented about the labels on my weekly planning organization drawers from one of my early blog posts. The labels she commented on are shown here:

 I know blue and lime green are popular colors for classrooms, and the comment was asking me to post these labels to my TpT store for sale, but I am just going to offer them up {HERE} through google docs. I just attached the labels to the plastic draws with velcro dots, so if I decided to change my colors or label, that would be easy to remove and swap out. I was a HUGE fan of velcro this year when I was organizing haha

So if you are a blue and lime green fan, snatch up the labels from the link above! Tomorrow's Friday and then a long weekend- that means sleep, relaxing, interim reports and new clipart sets! Ahh can't wait :)


  1. Love your blog and absolutely love your class room. I tried to print out the signs on google docs, but it is not coming up.

  2. I love all the pictures you provide. Two of my favorite things are your pizza circles where students move themselves through the writing process and then your organizing drawers (just recently pinned, of course!) And I was checking out those labels too. The google docs says it's downloading, but it registered as taking over 30 minutes. At 16 mins left it hasn't budged.

  3. Clever, clever ideas on your blog. I am moving to a new classroom this year so I am searching for clever and cute. I found YOU on Pinterest. I am your newest follower. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I am working on creating a skirt for tables in my classroom this summer. I noticed you did this as well. Can you share with me how you attached the skirt? I have read about several possibilities. I would love to know how you did this and if it held up well. Thanks so much for all that you share!!!

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