Thursday, December 26, 2013

Limited Edition Set #2 Released! Seller MEGA Bundle!

I am excited to release me second Limited Edition Set! 
This is a HUGE DEAL and includes over 160 images! This set will only be available for 2 weeks before it is retired for 6 months, so act fast....okay here is whatcha get!

This HUGE Seller Mega Bundle includes 12 different sets that are worth $36.00 if I priced them individually. At this time, these sets are not sold in my store individually and are only available in this bundle.

This bundle is perfect to jumpstart your TpT store or to grab a fresh batch of elements, borders, digital papers and frames for your projects! These sets all coordinate together and also match the other clipart sets offered in my store.

This set will be priced at $10.00 for the first week it is for sale (until 1/01/14). The second week, it will go up to $12.00 (until 1/08/14). So make sure you snatch it up this week and get it for less than a dollar per set!

Here's a closer look at over the 160+ elements you can get for just $10.00!

Click {HERE} to check it out in my TpT store! While you're at it, make sure you have downloaded all my Unwrap Your Freebies because I will be taking down #6-8 and posting them for sale after today! Snatch them while they are free!

Happy Holidays to everyone! Hope you are relaxing!


  1. This is just perfect! Everything you would need right in one download! Thanks for creating such cute things! I use your products ALL THE TIME!

  2. Is this set still available? I just started following you yesterday and saw this. I do not see it in your TPT store, but may not be searching correctly. Thanks!


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