Creative Clips Digital Clipart

Creative Clips Digital Clipart are original sets of images that are available for personal and commercial use. No additional licenses are required, however, please read my Terms of Use regarding how to give credit and link back to my TpT shop, if you choose to use my clipart. Thank you! Enjoy!  All designs and images are creative property of Krista Wallden and should not be redistributed unless incorporated and secured in a new original design/product.

Click {HERE} for Terms of Use :)

If you have a special clipart request, I would love to hear it!

Currently, I am NOT taking clipart requests until further notice. I would like to catch up on the orders I already have and will open it up again when I know I can finish your request faster :) However, if you have a request that you wouldn't need for a while, go ahead and drop me a note!

 Please contact me at:

Here are a few of the clipart bundles that I have been working on so far. Click on the names above the picture to check out more images of them over at my Teachers Pay Teachers store! Most of them also include the black and white versions of the images.

(all proceeds from Angels Among Us will 
be donated to Sandy Hook Elementary)

Zombie Party {Creative Clips Digital Clipart}
Smitten For Mittens {Creative Clips Digital Clipart}
Bundle of Blooms {Creative Clips Digital Clipart} - FREE

Colorful Hands {Creative Clips Digital Clipart} - FREE

Handful of Dots {Creative Clips Digital Clipart} - FREE


  1. Just bought your Autumn Clip Art! Too cute! Love all of the details. Thanks for your hard work.

  2. Just bought your Halloween set. It is so cute as always.

  3. Love your shoes! I just saw those and of course had to get them. The bunny slippers are my favorite I think. Love your stuff as always. Thanks for all of your hard work.

    1. Thanks for ALL your comments!! I've been a bit behind responding to comments, but I really appreciate your sweet feedback! I think the bunny slippers might be my favorite too! They were the last ones that I did in the set and I was ponderin' what kind of shoe to do last. I always have slippers on at home, so I don't know why it didn't come to me sooner :) Glad you like them, can't wait to see what you create with them.

  4. I just bought up most of your clip art sets and absolutely love them! I could use some for Thanksgiving and Christmas and would love to see a set from you! Thanks for the amazing work!

    1. Thanks so much!! I know this is a little late posting back to you, but I am working on the cutest Christmas sets and a turkey set right now! I should have them up in a week or two!

  5. Krista,

    I love your blog and clip art! I see a bright future for you in your second job!!! :)


    1. Thank you! I just checked out your blog and LOVE IT!! Makes me miss teaching first grade!!

  6. Krista,
    Your clips are adorable! I emailed you about a custom pack! :-) I'm also your newest follower!!
    Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

  7. Love your new "Little Scientists" and "Weather" sets! Thank you for all of your hard work.

  8. Thank you so much for your awesome clipart. I will be promoting your business with my teacher printables. Thanks for also giving freebies!

  9. Hi Krista,
    I am in love with your newest sets. The little kids holding hand around the Earth are my favorite! I always look forward to seeing what else you are going to post. I think I am addicted -- its so cute, I always have to purchase. Your clip art makes making things for teachers fun! Thanks again. Happy New Year!

  10. Hi Krista,

    I love your Gameboards Galore.... I was so excited to
    come home and whip up some hockey gameboards for a few
    2nd grade boys using your set.

    Thanks so much... I think the Peace sign set is next ! :)


  11. Cute clipart! Do you use a certain program to make your art or do you freehand and scan? I draw my own art, but would love to get into making it digital!

    Mrs. H's Resource Room

  12. I absolutely love your clip art!!!
    Your newest sets are fabulous!
    Totally Terrific in Texas

  13. I'm your newest follower! I recently downloaded your "Whimsy Tufts and Trunks" graphics and LOVE them! I made some activities with them already and plan to add them to my Teacher's Notebook store (credit given to you, of course!)

    I'm also planinng on giving you a shout out on my blog soon, please check it out!

    Thanks! :)

  14. Wow, I just discovered your blog. I love your cliparts!!!!! Everything is so pretty! I will check it out on TPT! :-)

  15. Wow, I just discovered your blog. I love your cliparts!!!!! Everything is so pretty! I will check it out on TPT! :-)

  16. Hello! Not only am I a new follower, I bookmarked this blog- BEAUTIFUL clipart! I am in love with the cheerful little faces on everything! You have a special talent! I wish you all the best with it!
    The Teacher’s Chair

  17. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Your clips!!!!!

  18. Thank you so much for your awesome clipart. I absolutely LOVE it!! Thank you also for giving freebies! You are so kind and generous.


  19. very graphical arts, seriously beautiful. You are a great artist. I do little graphic work with myself too. I make creative and funny venn diagrams with a venn diagram maker