Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Win 12 Months of Clipart? I'd say YES!

I am blogging quick to let you know about the HUGE Giveaway I am having on my Facebook page {Click here if you haven't discovered the party going on at my Facebook page}.

Day #10 Giveaway is 12 sets of clipart- One of my favorite sets from each of the 12 months of the year!

Check. it. out!

I love seeing all the holiday sets together because at this point in the year, I sometimes forget about my favorites from Halloween and Christmas!

So, here's the deal. Hop on over to my FB page and make sure you comment on the giveaway post with your email. I will be selecting 1 winner for every 100 entries. For example: 100 entries = 1 winner. 500 entries=5 winners and so on. Can I let you in on a tiny secret? I really want to get 1000 people commenting to win this giveaway because I have never had that many people comment on a post or giveaway. I'm all for trying to push myself and set new records! Plus- that would be 10 winners which means I would be giving away 120 sets of clipart total! Love it!

Now, your job. Go enter! Don't miss it! The giveaway run from now until Friday (April 18th) evening. At that time I will announce the winners on my FB and on here :) 

Please promote this giveaway! The only reason why my clipart was even discovered was because of supportive friends like you who spread the word on your blog, etc. The more people who enter, the more winners!

A couple of other things.....while you are over at my FB page, make sure you "like" my page so you can snatch up this ENTIRE FREE SET of Little Buggies. If you don't click on "like" on my Facebook page, this freebie won't show up and be available to you for downloading. Gotta like to get :)

Thanks for making the last 10 days of my 10,000 Follower Celebration such a fun time for me! I've decided 15,000 Followers will be my next big giveaway. Waiting for 20,000 is just too long to do this again! Good luck to everyone who enters the giveaway! Thanks for all your support and sweet comments.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Creative Freebies with Creative Clips

Happy Sunday everyone!! Today is Day #8 of my 10,000 Follower Celebration- it is flying by!!!! I'm not sure I can wait another 10,000 followers to do this again! I have been so thankful of all the participation and your sweet feedback. Day #8's freebie will be posted later this afternoon in my TpT store and I also have a giveaway up my sleeve that will be posted on my FB page 

But FIRST!!! I was so flattered and shocked when Alison Funk over at A Tale of 2 First Grades asked me about running a link party all about Creative Clips Clipart and using it in freebies. I was/am so excited!!!! She thought it would be a great way to continue celebrating my 10,000 followers and also share the freebie love. The linky party is open until Wed and is a great way to share some your freebies and grab some too! Freebies must be created mostly with my Creative Clips Clipart- although I know there are a ton of other cute clipart artists out there and I don't blame you for squeezin' some in!

You can read more about it over at their blog: http://ataleof2firstgrades.blogspot.com/2014/04/creative-freebies-with-creative-clips.html

Find a freebie in your store, or use some of the freebies this week to create something that you think would be helpful for others! It can be as simple as themed writing pages for a prompt or a motivational bookmark and certificate. Spread the freebie love and hop on over to link up and share!

Thanks again Alison for contacting me about such an amazing idea!

Most of my freebies are clipart sets, but I do have a few creations that I have posted that I used to decorate my "jungle-themed" classroom this year. Check them out in my store for free, along with over 80 free clipart sets!


Make sure you link up and share your freebie! Also, check out my FB page: https://www.facebook.com/TheCreativeChalkboard for all the latest giveaways and news!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

NEW FREEBIES and Feedback Freebie Challenge!

I hope you haven't missed out on all the fun going on over in my TpT store and my FB page! This week has been so much fun and I appreciate all the feedback, participation and enthusiasm! I don't know if I can wait another 10,000 followers before I do this again!

Here are some updates to catch ya up to speed on things!

So far, I have six daily freebies posted in my store and will be adding Day #7 Favorite Thing Freebie later this afternoon!




Check them all out in my store {HERE} or click each icon and it will take you directly to each set. You have to download the product to see what surprise freebie you get!

Are you ready for a challenge? I hope so!I'm kicking off the weekend with a Feedback FREEBIE CHALLENGE! I am giving you the challenge of helping me reach 40,000 feedback votes in my store. 

Okay that sounds like a lot, I know, but I currently have almost 35,000! I have over 80 free sets in my store and I am so thankful for all the feedback that people leave. However, there are thousands of people who download my freebies and sets and don't leave feedback. Your feedback and enthusiasm keeps me excited to post! I love hearing what you think!

To give you a little incentive to leave feedback on your freebies and purchases, I will be posting these Little Monster Cuties for free if I can read 40,000 votes by the end of my 10,000 Follower Celebration- which is Tuesday night (4/15).

If you leave feedback on your TpT purchases you get points and you can use them towards future purchases- WIN!

My giveaway posts this week on my FB page {THE CREATIVE CHALKBOARD} have been getting around 500 comments each day- that means that if each of those people went and left feedback on 10 of my freebies, we'd be there and I can post the new free set today!

Last thing! Today is the last day to snatch up my Limited Edition: Ultimate Kids Collection for just $5.00. After today, the price will increase for the second week it is available. Why is the price going up, you ask? Because I will be adding 10 (YES 10) additional kid images to this set by the end of next week! Grab the set now at the lowest price! Click on the images below to zip over to my TpT store.

SO! Ready....go! Share this post on your page or blog and feel free to snag the promo picture. Thanks for all your help! Working on posting Day #7 Favorite Thing Freebie, too! 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

10 Days of Freebies. 10,000 Follower Celebration!

Hi friends! I'm brushing off the cobwebs on this lil blog to announce some big news! 

I am excited. thankful. shocked. and absolutely ecstatic to announce the kick off of my 10,000 Follower Celebration for my lil ‘ole business, Creative Clips Digital Clipart.

It has been a crazy road so far since I started my clipart business, Creative Clips Digital Clipart. I can’t wait to see where that road continues to go! A few weeks ago I reached a huge milestone, 10,000 followers in my TpT store. Ohmygoodness. I never could have imagined that my doodles would ever reach that many people and you all are truly amazing supporters.

To celebrate and say a huge THANK YOU for making a girl who loves to doodle feel loved every day, I have planned a HUGE 10 day celebration for you. I am going to try my best to explain all this in the least confusing way, but my excitement and way with words may have other plans, so here it goes!

10 Days of Freebies! Each day I will post a new “surprise freebie” in my TpT store that will be themed off of my “favorite things.” No, I don’t think I am as cool as Oprah, but I thought she had a good idea of with her favorite things giveaways, so I turned my favorite things into clipart sets! Check back in my TPT store each day for the newest free set! Yes, that will be 10 free sets of clipart. 

You can find the first day, Favorite Thing #1 {Here}

Limited Edition Ultimate Kids Set! I have released my newest limited edition set for $5.00! This set is a year-round little treasure that can invade all of your resources, no matter what the theme is. Scoop of this set between 4/6-4/12 and you will get it for the lowest price- $5.00. From 4/13-4/19 it will be $6.00. This set will then be retired for three months before it pops back up in my store again. Hurry! Go. get. it.  Click {HERE}

Are you a fan of my FB page, The Creative Chalkboard? If not, you need to be! The celebration is going to continue over at my FB page with daily giveaways, special flash sales and deals, and updates on all the freebies I’m offering. Want more? Okay fine. I have offered a new FAN FREEBIE on my FB page called “Little Buggies” and it is a WHOLE set of clipart for free. Just “like” my facebook page and you will have access to the google doc where you can find these little cuties. They are not available in my store. Go to my FB page {HERE} and "like" my page to grab this freebie!  

It has been a thrilling journey so far and I have so many more plans and new sets coming your way. Thank you for your requests, your feedback, your trust in my work, your enthusiasm…I could go on and on. Please know that you have made a little doodler smile everyday, even if it is just feedback on a freebie.

Enjoy the celebration- I couldn’t have done it without the 10,000 of you! Cheers to another 10,000 more!

Check back tomorrow for Day #2 of my Favorite Things Freebies! You are not going to want to miss out on this one!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Freebies, May Club Sale, and New Clipart Sets! Oh My!

Goodness! I need to find time to blog more because when I was trying to think of the "focus" of this blogpost, I quickly realized that there are just about 145 things that I want to share with all of you from the past few weeks. I am going to offer you a *SUPER* summarized version- so all of you who thought you were in for a marathon post can breathe a sigh of relief :) You know how I can ramble sometimes.

First- FREEBIE! I just posted my Unwrap your Valentine Freebie with a little bit of love for my awesome followers in my TpT store. This isn't going to be a series like Christmas- not because I don't love you that much, but because I just don't have time to swing it right now. I included a variety of images in this one, so hopefully it will come in handy in the upcoming month :)

Click {HERE} to feel loved by Creative Clips :) 

Second- I have been working so hard on my Creative Clips Clubs and have posted MAY's CLUB today! It will be on sale for $8.00 (regularly priced $10.00) until Sunday night, so don't miss out!

Click {HERE} if you want to be showered with clipart all throughout MAY!

Yesterday marked the end of my very first Creative Clips Club (January)! I was sad to retire this little baby, but very excited to take the awesome feedback from all of you and my survey to go to town with future sets. All the stuff you loved will continue and I will be making a few changes based on what other things you would like to see! Since the January Club is officially over and not available in my store anymore, I am going to review the sets that members received. 

There was also a set of BONUS frames that I included for my very first members of these clubs. I plan on adding a bonus set to future months if I have a certain number of members join by the end of that month. I haven't QUITE decided on what that number will be, so it will be a surprise after you join!

Third- I have been creating like crazy! I made a list of all the sets that I want to make and there are almost 100 ideas on my list right now! Ahh when will I be able to finish all those! I'm slowly working down the list and here are some of the sets that I have been making :) Click the preview images to see the listings for them!

I have already posted the first set of my FEBRUARY Club with a St. Patrick's Day theme! Check it out if you are a member, it will be under the folder for Week 1!

Click {HERE} to check out February's Graphics Club!

Like I said- I've been busy! I have so much more in the works, I can't wait to show you what I have up my sleeve next!

Enjoy the weekend folks! 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Creative Clips January Club SURVEY!!! I want your feedback!

Hi again! Just shows how much attention I DON'T have on my other work today- I made a feedback survey! I am so excited because I love hearing your feedback! I set up a survey on Survey Monkey about my January Club so I can make the coming months the best they can be!

If you have purchased the January Club and have seen all four of the sets included in this month, please PLEASE take three minutes to fill out this anonymous survey to help me make the clubs everything you would like them to be! I so appreciate your comments and answers!

Here's the link- nothing fancy!


Thank you thank you! You guys are the best!

Freebie Clipart and Spring Fever!

Okay it might be a little early for Spring Fever, but ever since Christmas break, I am ready to get this show on the road and remember what the sun and heat feel like! I thought I would do a little showcase of the new and old spring sets that I have in my store if you are feeling the same as me and want to look ahead to the upcoming months!

Check out these Spring clipart sets! Click on the preview image to seem more details about each set!

I have also added two new Valentine Freebies to my store that you should snatch up!
Anddd....I'm jumpin' the gun on this one too, but I started doodling and ended up with a St. Patrick's Day Party set :) Check out the newest clipart set to my Creative Clips family :) 

Okay, one more piece of news and then I gotta wrap this up! My Creative Clips January Club is ending in 10 DAYS!!!! At the end of the month, I am going to close the club and the sets included in that monthly membership will not be revealed in my store until April 1st. If you have thought about buying the January Club- it now includes over 120 images valued at $16.00. Make sure you snatch it up before the end of the month!

Okay that's it! February's Monthly Club will have the first clipart set released on February 1st! Stay tuned folks- I got a lot coming for you from Creative Clips!