Saturday, April 12, 2014

NEW FREEBIES and Feedback Freebie Challenge!

I hope you haven't missed out on all the fun going on over in my TpT store and my FB page! This week has been so much fun and I appreciate all the feedback, participation and enthusiasm! I don't know if I can wait another 10,000 followers before I do this again!

Here are some updates to catch ya up to speed on things!

So far, I have six daily freebies posted in my store and will be adding Day #7 Favorite Thing Freebie later this afternoon!




Check them all out in my store {HERE} or click each icon and it will take you directly to each set. You have to download the product to see what surprise freebie you get!

Are you ready for a challenge? I hope so!I'm kicking off the weekend with a Feedback FREEBIE CHALLENGE! I am giving you the challenge of helping me reach 40,000 feedback votes in my store. 

Okay that sounds like a lot, I know, but I currently have almost 35,000! I have over 80 free sets in my store and I am so thankful for all the feedback that people leave. However, there are thousands of people who download my freebies and sets and don't leave feedback. Your feedback and enthusiasm keeps me excited to post! I love hearing what you think!

To give you a little incentive to leave feedback on your freebies and purchases, I will be posting these Little Monster Cuties for free if I can read 40,000 votes by the end of my 10,000 Follower Celebration- which is Tuesday night (4/15).

If you leave feedback on your TpT purchases you get points and you can use them towards future purchases- WIN!

My giveaway posts this week on my FB page {THE CREATIVE CHALKBOARD} have been getting around 500 comments each day- that means that if each of those people went and left feedback on 10 of my freebies, we'd be there and I can post the new free set today!

Last thing! Today is the last day to snatch up my Limited Edition: Ultimate Kids Collection for just $5.00. After today, the price will increase for the second week it is available. Why is the price going up, you ask? Because I will be adding 10 (YES 10) additional kid images to this set by the end of next week! Grab the set now at the lowest price! Click on the images below to zip over to my TpT store.

SO! Ready....go! Share this post on your page or blog and feel free to snag the promo picture. Thanks for all your help! Working on posting Day #7 Favorite Thing Freebie, too! 


  1. You are way better than Oprah for working so hard and sharing your amazing talent. Thank you so much!
    This girl always provides feedback when downloading a freebie.
    My Second Sense

  2. Overall that's an amazing post.