Sunday, December 15, 2013

Do you want a SURPRISE set of clipart EVERY week?

Are you going to be disappointed when my Unwrap your Freebie series ends on Christmas day and you won't have that surprise clipart set to look forward to?

PROBLEM SOLVED! There is a way you can have that excitement each week, EVERY MONTH OF THE YEAR!

I am excited to announce and offer my monthly memberships of exclusive graphics! If you enjoyed my Unwrap Your Freebie series, you will love this opportunity to get a set of graphics each week for a month! Each week (around Tuesday or Wednesday), I will add a new graphics set to this download.

Click on the pictures below to zip on over to the listing in my TpT store!

Here’s the run down on how these sets will work:

* They follow the same terms of use as my other clipart sets, so you are free to use them for personal or commercial use. Please give credit with a link to my store in your credits page and/or my Creative Clips logo.

* Each set will include both color and black and white of all images.

* Only members of each monthly club will have immediate access to these clipart sets. I will be posting these sets to my store three months after the month they were featured in. Therefore, you get a three-month jump on creating original resources before they are offered to anyone else. Each set will be priced between $3.00-$4.50 in my store- so your monthly membership gets you a BIG DISCOUNT!

* Each month will include a variety of sets including seasonal images, borders, year-round graphics and elements.

If you enjoy this monthly membership, please check out my other monthly memberships so you can have a weekly surprise to look forward to for the entire year! Currently I have January, February and March posted in case you want to get a jump on the action!

**If you are joining a month that has not yet begun, when you download, you will only see the Membership Welcome letter. When that month begins, re-download the file each week and you will see a new surprise set added!

BUT WAIT- there's more! Each monthly membership is $10.00, but I have the first three months posted and on sale for just $8.00 each. They will be on sale through Tuesday night. If you want to grab one and try it out for a month, great! If you want to grab all three while they are on sale  because you want three months of surprises ahead of you in the new year, go for it :) I'm very excited for these sets and surprising you all each week :)
Off to finish the lessons plans that will keep my kiddos busy for that crazy week before Christmas break :) 


  1. This is very exciting! I can't wait to see what goodies you have in store. Thanks for the opportunity!

    The Tutu Teacher

  2. Hey Krista! This is great. Do the monthly surprises have to do with holidays/themes for that month? For example, I liked the Valentine's Day clipart you posted yesterday, and if I wanted more Valentine's Day clipart, would I need to sign up for the month of February?


  3. Hi Allie- good question! I will still be posted sets regularly to my store, however, the monthly membership will give you four exclusive sets for that month that will not be available in my store until three months later. My plan is to have two weeks of seasonal clipart and two weeks of year-round clipart. The price of the sets that you get for the four weeks will total more than the monthly membership fee when they are posted individually in my store. Does that make sense? Basically I wanted to make something where people would have a weekly surprise, discounted sets and "head start" on creating with these graphics before they are posted individually in my store. I will continue to post other Valentine's Day and seasonal clipart in my store that are not included in the monthly membership. I hope I'm not being more confusing!

  4. Yep, that does help! Thanks! I think I will have to try this out =)

  5. This is such a fun idea, Krista. They're already in my cart! :)
    Just Reed!

  6. This is a great deal! How fun! Thanks!!!