Friday, October 5, 2012

S'more Sequencing Freebie

Hi all! This is just a quick post to put up some freebie pages that some customers requested. I happened to have two requests for some changes in one of my freebies to make it more applicable for specific classrooms, so here it is! I added a spanish version to my S'more Sequencing reading response page from my Creative Reading Response Sheets for ANY Book 2 (I have some sample pages from this product as a separate freebie that you can check out {HERE}) and changed the wording on the english page to First, Next, Then, Last. If you want the updated versions, snatch 'um up for {FREE}.

Check out the new versions if you are interested or check out my entire set with over 40 pages of resources for $4.00.


  1. This is a cute idea for sequencing. I wasn't able to download the s'mores page for some reason. I will try it again in a few days.

  2. Hi there! I'm not sure why it wasn't downloading for you, but I have reduced the pdf file size and reposted it to google docs in case that was the problem! Let me know if it doesn't work still and I can email it to you :)

  3. I just bought your set of creative reading response sheets and became a follower! They look great and I can't wait to use them. I noticed you're from Dover, I am just down Rt 1 in Lewes!! Thanks for your freebies! I am hoping to get my act together and start sharing ASAP.


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