Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's Fall Y'all- Fall Freebies & Classroom Decor

It may be fall, and it certainly looks like it in my classroom now, but it doesn't feel like it outside! I got a few crisp evenings out on my cabana porch with apple cider and uggs before the muggy heat came back through. It was 88 degrees today!? I can't deal with these temperature fluctuations! 

Well, regardless of the scorchers we have been having, I couldn't wait any longer for my first decoration switch-up of the year in my classroom. It's all about fall and Halloween folks! Check it out:

I decided to change the color of my leaves on my jungle tree. Dollar Tree had stiff felt leaves that were the perfect size to just tuck on top of my other leaves :)

Gotta have a candy corn estimation jar! Candy corn is my biggest candy weakness and I will not confess how many times I have to refill this far before the kiddos actually got the chance to estimate because I kept snitching....

I thought these were the cutest little glitter pumpkins from the Dollar Tree!

Here's my monkey!!! My mom made him this pumpkin outfit! She made me a ton of seasonal curtains last year, so since I can reuse those this year, she was looking for a new project and has started making costumes for this big guy right here :) She is going to make a turkey costume and an elf costume for the upcoming months! I can't wait! The kids just love this furry chimp.

This spider web was from the Dollar Store and is over two feet wide! It came in a smaller package and popped open like a pop up hamper would. I was so excited to see how big it was! Gotta love dollar bargains...and those candy corn curtains!

More Dollar Store finds! My goodness that store may become the death of me :)

I just LOVE fall! I can't wait until the leaves start changing- and not just the fake felt ones in my classroom. 

In other news- having been COMPLETELY busy and totally missed the ball on my big 700 followers giveaway for my TpT shop that I had wanted to do, so I am now going to set up an 800 followers giveaway starting on Sunday and going for 8 days instead of 7 like I had planned. I will have 8 days of freebies, so check back each day to grab some fall/autumn goodies for {FREE}! Thank you so much for following my store and blog!

In the spirit of it being Friday tomorrow and a three-day weekend to follow- here's a little fun freebie to round out your week with :) Here are two Halloween reading response sheets with corresponding theme papers for you to pair with your seasonal favorites! Snatch them here for {FREE} because who doesn't love fall literature activities!?

I have also been working on TONS of new clipart sets and LOVE LOVE all the clipart requests I have been getting! You all have such fun ideas of images to create! Here is my newest bundle, just in time for election day! It includes over 40 images with black line versions included! Other clipart sets that are in the works are pumpkin life cycle, superheroes, alphabets, monsters under the bed, and kids!

Okay, if you have stuck with this post for this long- THANKS! This marathon of a post is what happens when I go so long without posting I guess! Have a fabulous Friday tomorrow and a wonderful weekend (only a teacher would end with two alliterations :)


  1. Krista, I am officially a stalker. :) Just wanted to say thanks for the election day graphics! They are perfect! Also, thanks for the graphic organizer freebies! I can NEVER have enough of those!


  2. Your GRAPHICS are adorable. I have to say. I just put your Halloween graphics on my wishlist. They're so cute. I'm not a morning blogger. So I missed out. They're so CUTE. Can't wait to have some extra mulah to purchase them. :)
    The Hive

  3. LOVE your fall decor...and your clipart! ;)

  4. Woo-Hoo Krista! I'm your 100th follower! I just discovered your blog and it is absolutely adorable. Your clip art is amazing and I'm so thrilled to read that you take requests! I can't wait to see your new sets!


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