Friday, August 16, 2013


Whether you are already back-to-school or still elbow deep in bulletin board borders and Dollar Store bins, you can't miss out on....

This sale is gonna be H-U-G-E! Everything in my store will be 20% off- all sets, bundles, dollar deals, everything!!!! Even better, you can use the promo code: BTS13 to get an additional 10% off of that, so it comes out to be 28% off of the regular price of the product. This is the time to stock up for ANY season- not just back to school resources!

Need some more convincing on how H-U-G-E this sale is!? Many of my clipart sets are regularly priced at $4.50, like my Monkey Business and Superhero KIDS sets. The price of those sets during the sale (28% off) comes out to $3.24!

All my bundled sets will be on sale, too! I have already discounted these bundles 20-30% when I priced them originally, so you will get getting a H-U-G-E price cut during the sale. My Big Border Mega Bundle has over $30.00 worth of border sets that I priced as a discounted bundle for $20.00. BUT, during the sale, you can snatch it up for $14.40!
Here are some of my other favorites that you might want to snatch up at the sale :)

My Back-to-School Favorites! Click the preview pictures to check them out!

And here are some of my favorite fall/autumn sets if you are looking ahead!!

These two images are included in one bundled set:

So, you have a few days until the sale, so how should you prepare for this H-U-G-E event?

1.) Go through your past TpT purchases and leave feedback!!! Many of you probably already know, but you earn credits for leaving feedback on your purchases which you can then use to buy more great TpT products. During the sale, you can apply your TpT credits AND the promo code, in addition to the sale prices. That's my kind of deal!

2.) Do some pre-shopping and wish list some things! If you are like me, your wish list is already a mile long,  so sometimes I am just shopping through my own wish list to see what I want to load into my cart :)

3.) Snatch up my sale button from the top of this post, if you want, and promote your own store and fabulous items for the sale! If you click on the sale button, you can save it and post it on your blog, FB page or wherever you want to promote the sale :) No credit is necessary but appreciated :)

**The prices that you will see in my store during the sale will reflect 20% off the original prices. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ADD THE PROMO CODE: BTS13 WHEN YOU CHECK OUT! I can't tell you how many times I have shopped during a TpT sale and in the excitement of purchasing, I forget the code during checkout. The promo code brings the total percent off to 28%.

That's it folks! I have been waiting on pins and needles for this sale! Even though I seem to have done a lot of shopping already, I am anxious to scoop up some more resources for the upcoming months. Get while the gettin's good!


  1. :) Love the Apple Orchard set with the kids. Amazing how a sale gets us so excited.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this post - like window or catalogue shopping, I guess. And so much fabulous colour all in one place; just made me smile; your clipart has a real depth of character to it - it can almost tell a story on its own. Can't wait for the sale!!
    ~ Thursday Took

  3. Hi Krista! I've got a number of YOUR products on my wishlist in anticipation for Sunday and Monday's big TPT sale! I can't wait, either! :) ~Deb
    Crafting Connections

  4. Thank you for the sale button! I'll be using it over at my blog this weekend!


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  6. I love it how you have maintained your class in such a good manner. love the week separator boxes. Plus the color combination is amazing. Keep it up! :)

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