Saturday, June 15, 2013

New Firefly Clipart and Fuzzy Frames! On Sale!

I have extended my flash sale for ONE MORE DAY because I just posted a couple new sets and I wanted to give you a chance to snatch them up at the sale prices :)

First up is my new Firefly Dance set that was a request and just too cute for me to pass up making! If you layer these images on a black background (and I know that chalkboard backgrounds are all the craze now) they really pop! This set is normally $3.00, but is only $2.70 for the rest of today!
My other new set is a mini set of Fuzzy Frames. I think this would be PERFECT for a monster-themed classroom because it reminds me of the fur of a little monster....You can't see the hairs very well in the preview of all of them together, so I enlarged one of them on the second preview so you can see it! This set is normally just $1.50, but on sale for $1.35 just because I love my clipart-addicted friends :)

Are you ready for my big teaser? I have decided to dedicate some serious time this summer to revamping my blog design and The Creative Chalkboard's facebook page. If you are not a follower on my facebook might want to hop on over and "like" my page because in the new couples days (which translates to: after I watch a couple tutorials and set up my Fan Freebies :) I am posting this  ENTIRE set for free to my Facebook Fans ONLY. This set will be a limited edition freebie for my Facebook Fans ONLY. {Click HERE to become a fan and like my page!}

I will have it available for about a week for free before I post it in my store for $4.50. I will continue to have fan freebies that are only available on my page that do not appear in my store, too. Don't miss out....I've never given away an ENTIRE set before....I must really be floating on a summer high! Are you ready to see what you are gonna get for free....?

In my VERY biased opinion, I think it's pretty darn cute. Plus, all things look even cuter when they are free ;) Still not a fan of my facebook page.....shame on you! Just kidding :) Click {HERE} so you are a fan when I get this BIG freebie uploaded :) 

I'm off to work on my to-do list that is a mile car is in the shop which means I have no excuse/distraction keeping me from getting to work on things. Boo. 

Happy Saturday friends!


  1. So very cute! I am so glad I am a Facebook fan! I must know how you create your clipart? What program do you use? Do you handdraw it? I'm very impressed.

    Covered in Glitter and Glue

  2. I've been a fan of your clipart for a while now but am so glad to find your facebook page so I can follow you there, also. Looking forward to that adorable freebie! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!!!

  3. So cool! Krista, I group my clipart by category (ie: summer, sweet treats, kids, etc...) but I have an entire category called, Creative Clips. I might have a teeny tiny addiction to your clipart. And...I'm about to grab those frames.

    Deniece, This Little Piggy Reads

  4. SO cute!!! Love it cannot wait to snag it up thank you!


    The Army Wife Teacher

  5. Oh. My. Goodness. Absolutely adorable...have just liked you on FB so I don't miss any of the fun!

  6. Just liked your Facebook page! So excited!

  7. I just love your new sets! I bought fuzzy frames last night and they are adorable! I LIKED your FB page. Can't wait for the Lemonade set. Thanks so much!
    Beach Sand and Lesson Plans

  8. I liked your FB page...where do I find the Lemonade set?

  9. I liked your FB page. So excited to following you!

    Griffith's 3rd Grade Garden