Monday, May 20, 2013

Free Super Star Reader Bookmarks!

Wow! My kids are SO ready for summer. My poor third graders are crawling all over each other in a classroom that barely fit us back in September, but now all of us (yes ALL of us) are bigger and it can hardly contain everyone! God bless my students for being such great champs. I can see them fighting the summer wiggles in order to follow directions and stay focused. They are seriously standing up, around, beside their chairs, WHILE doing their work, without even realizing it. I asked one student why he was standing up during class today and he looked at me and said "I didn't know I was!" and sat down and kept working haha

I figure at this point in the year, every little "pick-me-up" helps to keep the kiddos going, so I whipped up some simple bookmarks with my Rainbow Tot clipart to have on their desks for tomorrow. It's nothing fancy, but I may or may not put a small pack of starbursts on their desks with I think that will make me pretty least for tomorrow :)

Here are these little {FREE} Super Star Reader bookmarks if you want a quick little treat for your kids. I made them in color and black and white. Just print on card stock (white or colored). Click {HERE} if you want 'um :)

Oh, and my "knock my socks off" discovery the other Headers Borders are PERFECT for bookmark borders! They are in just the right proportions, but I never thought of putting them vertically until now! I'm not sure this discovery will be as exciting to others, but it really made my day! haha