Monday, February 4, 2013

Free Little Leprechaun Clipart!

Oh did I have a case of the Mondays this morning....and today....and this evening. Actually I am golden once the kiddos come bounding into my room in the morning, but the time before and the reality of the work I have ahead in the evening bogs me down. Oi vey.

So what do I do when I can't focus on the load of work and need a bit of a lift? Well, it's a two step process....

Step 1: I have a solo dance party around my apartment. This time it also involved me trampling all over the clothes (dirty and clean) that are all over my floor right now. Tonight's soundtrack of choice was "What a Feeling" by Peter Luts and Dominico (yes the techno song- I don't mess around with solo dance parties)

Step 2: I draw clipart! In this case, a little friendly leprechaun. Actually, to be honest, I also continued to rock out to "What a Feeling" while I worked on this little fellow, so my lines may not be as straight as usual :)
Anyway, if anyone else is having a case of the Mondays, I suggest downloading that song for 99 cents from iTunes. BUT if you want a free pick me up, you can snatch up this little leprechaun friend for free from google docs if you click on him :)

I'm off to finish that work that I pushed aside until I could tolerate it :) Happy almost Tuesday right? :)


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  2. The leprechaun is great...and I don't even LIKE St. Patrick's Day! THank you for sharing!

  3. Thanks for sharing something so cute! With the last name Ireland, I have to find a clever way of using this cutie. :)

  4. Thank you! I love your clipart. This is so cute!
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

  5. Your clipart is just awesome! You are supporting my addiction. Don't know whether that is good or bad!! He, he!!
    Thanks for the adorable freebie!

  6. Thanks! You need to make more people clipart; he is just adorable!

  7. TOOO Cute! Make more! Make more!:)

  8. Thanks! My birthday is St. Pat's day so I always LOVE to do St. Pat's stuff!! P.S. I featured a couple of your products in my blog today! :) I loved shopping at your store this Sun!
    ideas by jivey

  9. Hi! We have talked on Wallies on FB, but I just found your blog! Love all the fonts and the leprechaun!

    Teresa Williams

    2nd Grade Pig Pen

  10. Thank you for this guy! He is super cute :)

  11. He is soooo cute!!! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with us!!! Love it!
    Melissa :)